OPTIMUM  Construction Layout - Materials Testing

Materials Testing

Our team of technicians are ACI Certified in both field and laboratory work.  They  understand the importance of obtaining representative samples, and performing tests following the ASTM Standards.  They know how to apply the knowledge gained in the lab to the work they perform in the field.  
We also offer Special Inspection services for steel reinforcement, and structural steel. 
We can provide personal to fill interim positions; such as Construction Clerks and QC Technicians for a wide range of construction needs.

Material Testing Services Include;
Concrete Testing

- Temperature          ASTM C1064
- Slump                      ASTM C143
- Unit Weight            ASTM C138
- Air Content             ASTM C231/C173
- Compressive Strength   ASTM C31

- Slab Moisture Testing    ASTM F-1869

Soil Testing

- Sieve Analysis
- Standard & Modified Proctor
- Specific Gravity
- Organic Impurities
- Moisture Content of Aggregates
- Soil Density Gauge for Compaction
- Soil Classification